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How To Write Your Own Spells.

Okay, I have told you will never find a spell on my Webpage but I will tell you how to write your own so that you may learn.

Much of what you are about to read has been paraphrased from "Earth, Air, Fire and Water" by Scott Cunningham, copyright( 1991. It can be found in a fuller form in the chapter called "Creating Your Own Rituals" starting on page 163. (On an unrelated note, I highly recommend this book to beginners because it is very good and explains things in a way that beginners won't get lost and the more experienced won't get bored.)

Take out a sheet of paper and make out an outline much like the following (leave plenty of room for you to write notes down under the headings, if you need to):

I. Goal

II. Element(s) involved

III. Materials needed

IV. Appropriate time

V. Compose the words, or poem, or power

VI. Draft the spell in writing

VII. Finalize the spell

VIII. Gather the tools

IX. Perform the spell

Now I will explain these further.

First, you must decide the goal of the spell. Why are you writing this spell? What's the point? What is the outcome you hope for? Before you write a spell, you need to know WHY you are writing it or you won't have much of a spell. Kinda makes sense, doesn't it? Make sure your spell is specific but not too specific. If you are writing a love spell, do not direct to a person. Never do that. You instead write a spell in which you are wanting a close loving relationship with a true love, but don't use it make someone love you. Would you really want to be with someone who loves you only because you put a spell on him or her? Think about it.

Next, figure out which element is usually involved in spells like yours. To quote Mr. Cunningham, "Virtually every magical need falls under the heading of one of the elements. Usually, we use tools that are magically related to that element." You may have to research this a bit to really know which element you need to use. Research each element and the type of magic is usually used for that element. You may find that more than one element applies to your goal. If that happens you should specify your goal more until one of the elements fits.

After figuring out the element you will use, you must decide what materials you will need. Usually you will use the tools that are linked to that element. For example, if your goal is a fiery, passionate love, you will most likely do some kind of candle magic and it will have a red theme, i.e. red candles or you may wear red. Tools can mean colors and/or actual tools (such as athames, wands, candles, herbs, stones, crystals, incense or a combination of those). Tools can also mean environment. Do you need to be outside or in a altar inside. Do you need to be in a field or in your bedroom? Research the tools you will need for your goal.

Next, find out what time is appropriate for your type of spell. Does it need to take place in the day time or at night? Does it need to be performed during a full moon or a new? When you have figured out when it should occur, find that appropriate time. If it is to be performed during a new moon, get a farmers almanac, or read the newspaper or however you feel you can find when the next new moon will be. Does your spell need to be performed in the evening at sunset or in the morning at sunrise or when the sun is at its highest point? You must consider these details in writing your spell.

The next step is to compose your words of power. This does not always have to be a poem. It can be a few sentences spoken in a powerful voice. I choose to put my spells in poem form because that is more comfortable for me. Choose the most comfortable way for you to get across your desired goal to the Goddess. I think She would understand if you do not have the poetic skills as long as you say what you need to say.

Now take all that you have pulled together during your researching and write it down. Don't worry about it being rough, just write it down. Write it all down on a few pages in a way that you understand and like it. You can write it in the order of the 1-5, listing: Goal, elements involved, materials needed, appropriate time, and words of power in paragraph form or you can write it down however you need to, but the point is to write it down. Take all that you have found out in you research and write it down.

Next is to finalize your spell, this is where you edit it, polish it and get it into the fashion of which you will perform it. You probably should type it (or write it neatly) and keep this "final draft" in a folder or binder so that you can keep your spells together for later use.

When you are ready to perform the spell, you will need to gather your materials. Put them in a place that won't be disturbed until you need them and where you will be able to find them when you need them.

The last step is to perform your spell. This is where all the researching and writing will finally pay off. You will be confident that this spell is from your own heart and mind and you will know exactly what you want to happen. Be confident and trust in the Goddess to answer your prayer.

I hope this outline helps those who need it. If you need for help or would like to tell me the outcome of the spells you fashioned with this outline, feel free to email me at I can't guarantee that I will be able to write everyone back but I would love to know that I helped someone.

With the love of the Goddess, Clio* (16-Dec-00)

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