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????Mr. Right????

Man or Myth?

A candlelit dinner…a bouquet of roses delivered to your door for no particular reason…a man who understands when to be honest and when to lie…someone who doesn’t mind doing what you want to do even if it’s shopping in a girl’s store…a man who knows why you’re angry without you having to tell him.

Many women go through life with the thought of a valiant prince coming to sweep them off their feet. They hold the strong fairytale belief that there is a man for them and when they find him, he will be perfect for them and it will be love at first sight. Most women outgrow this belief when they start dating and find a love-toxic line of jerks polluting the dating pool but there are women who belief a Mr. Right is out there looking for them. These individuals usually get very disappointed over and over again yet still they belief. Why is that? Why is it that persons go through operations and diet after diet so they will be beautiful when (or if) Mr. Right decides to show up? Now I am not saying that all females who get certain cosmetic operations are trying to find men. Not by a long shot. What I am saying is, most women that get such operations such as lip implants are not trying to stay healthy exactly, they are just attempting to be beautiful for whoever they think Mr. Right is. No matter how many losers they date they still think Mr. Right is just around the corner.

There are more things in the world a woman must deal with. She must overthrow the mold that society has put her in. She has to deal with men who see her as nothing more than part of the weaker sex. In all of this, where does a woman have time, really, to trying to squeeze herself into a perfect image of womanhood that she thinks her Mr. Right will notice. Men are not a big help either. Some men believe that a woman should be nothing but a baby-factory or a homemaker and any woman who steps out of this outline is automatically deemed as a pushy over-controller. I must admit that there are women who encourage the stereotypes that have been handed down to women but women who fight these should not have to be condemned to be put under a label. It has gotten to a point that the term liberated woman or feminist has been displayed as jokes because some women refuse to bend over backward to catch a myth of a husband.

In the days of old, women would be married off to whoever would take them and they had no say about it. Times have changed but for some reason, there are those who have misunderstood that this is no longer the way. A woman’s function in life is not to get married and have children. Women can now reach for their dreams. Women can be doctors or lawyers or mechanics or anything they want without having to be looked down upon but instead glorified as any man would. A little girl does not have to grow up changing her dreams because she is just a woman. She can excel in any field she sets her mind for without having to worry if men will except her for it. She will know that, even if there is not a Mr. Right out there, she can still be happy and find love in the world. She can know that, no matter who the myth is supposed to be that he should except her for her mind, her heart, and her spirit not of her cooking, or sewing or her mothering abilities.

So what if the candles melt, or the Prince Valiant never comes, or the frog is just a frog and not a prince. There may be a man for every woman and if there is, he should accept her for what she is and not what she has molded herself to be. To all the women who hold the idea of a Mr. Right I can only say one thing. Stop trying to fit the mold. Stop designing yourself to death for a myth that will never truly leave you happy. I am not saying to settle for any man that comes along. I am saying to stop looking for romance that would soon burn out, or the flowers that could die, and the passion that could never last. If you marry, do it for love and friendship not for those things that would only lead to a broken heart. If you don’t marry, don’t let someone tell you that you are no good. Women do not have to be married to be worth something. Don’t let anyone tell you that. We are not second class citizens! We are equals that deserve to reach for their dreams and we shall overcome.

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