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Poor Unfeeling Heart

Once in my life
I set out to right a wrong
only to find that the sin
was now a saint
and I sinned while trying
to right the wrong done.
Now I lay here
my heart bruised
and broken.
Broken bleeding heart
Do you even know that that means
Does it even get through 
Those glossy eyes I once 
thought were blue?
Does it even penetrate
Through the skull
That holds your self-righteous crown.
Do you weep for those trusting hearts
As you work to tear them down?
“Poor bleeding hearts”
You whisper as you grin
And wipe away alligator tears 
that form in your eye
As you crush their bleeding hearts.
How foolish I must have been
Believing your trickery to be loving emotion
When you are too incapable of feeling
But I will repent and my bleeding heart will heal
And yours will never melt
Because stone cannot cry 
Poor unfeeling heart
Farewell to you
and your poor unfeeling heart

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