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My Personal Writings

The eternal objects of poetry, among the nations, and at all times, are actions; human actions; possessing an inherent interest in themselves, and which are to be communicated in an interesting manner by the art of the poet.

I offer you this flame, friend, for as you walk through this cavern, you will find that some of this passages are dark. Do not worry, for it is magic and will harm you not.

As you walk, remember to keep an open mind.

Blessed Be and Merry Part.


But In My Dreams
(To Rickey)
That Look
Give Away.
Cries of a Triumphant Heart
Poor Unfeeling Heart


The Kiss: A vampire story
I Am Pagan: This is a personal essay about my personal beliefs.
The Truth About Wicca: I wrote this report for my English 1301 class. I got an "A".
Mr. Right: Man or Myth??: This is a personal essay I wrote about my feelings about "Mr. Right". It is a bit cynical, so don't be offened if you read it and don't like it. You have been warned.

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