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Be afraid, be very afraid....

Blessed Be and Merry Met

Hi and Welcome. I hope that when you see this you are feeling well and your spirit is free and happy. I am in the middle of trying to build this into a mixture of me, Paganism and misc. other stuff. So far, I have accomplished some of that. I plan to do more but it's slow going. No complaints, though.

Onward to unknown. I advise caution. If you are easily offended by Paganism or "alternative lifestyles", I advise you not to read much more of this because you will not leave too happy. This is my homepage and I will put into it what I want. If you have no such qualms, ONWARD and Blessed be.

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About me...
Duh, this is about me...
Poems Galore...
My poem page...
A Letter to Christians and to those who aren't sure what Wicca is.
My Pagan Page

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