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I Am Pagan

I am a Witch. I am a Pagan. I am all. I live within the modern world but I am grounded in the past. I work in the new, my job the mundane but I dream of the old. I see myself dancing in a circle of stones with my Brothers and Sisters celebrating the change of season and worshipping life.

I try to simplify my life so that it mimics the lives of old. I exist as praise to that which gives me life. I name it Goddess and it is beautiful to me. I worship Her as I live and breathe. She blesses me with love and I am grateful.

Now I seek to be understood. There are those who see me as evil. They say I worship false idols and serve that master of darkness. There are some who say I serve an illusion spawned by demons. Some say that I am daft because they think that I worship nature.

I am not evil. I serve no master let alone one of darkness. I am illusioned by no demon. I can not believe that Life would create a creature of pure evil. There may be evil in each person but I do not believe in one being that encompasses all evil.

I worship Life in all its forms and I worship That Which Gives Life though I do not know its proper name, for it has none. I give it a name purely so that I may be intimate with it. I give it name so that my feeble mind will be able to grasp it. I name it Goddess. I give it a face so that I may now it. I do the same that all religions do but without the pride. I name it Life that I may see it all around me.

I am Pagan. I worship what all religions worship, but without prejudice or pride. I am not egocentric. I do not believe that my religion is the only one. I will not begin to say that my religion has all the answers because it does not. No religion has all the answers for every person. I know that Life exists and that my Goddess, That Which Gives Life, is there and can be known.

I know my life in this incarnation will end one day and I become one with That Which Gives Life. I will go on to wherever my soul is destined to go. I am content to know that my Goddess will take care of me has She has done all my life and in all the Life around me.

I worship my Goddess and Life in all the ways I can. I worship Her though color, flame, dance, music. I worship her through my love for Life. I worship Her through living. I worship Her through research. I worship Her through educating those that seek Her out. I pledge my existence to knowing Life. I live in balance. I live and learn and be for Her. I talk to my Goddess through meditation and prayer. I aspire to be like Her. I yearn to be kind without thought of reward. I yearn to love without bounds, even those who hate me. I seek to be pure of thought and cleansed of greed. I yearn to be like my Goddess.

I am a Witch. I am Pagan.

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