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I stand with my hand held out
My heart layed gently in my palm
It has been broken
It is cracked in places
It has its bandages from hurts yet to heal
I must admit that
It isn't the most perfect of these varieties
But it bares it burdens of pain
Like a chest of medals
I can't say it is a daredevil
I am not out to get it broken again
But none the less I am offering it to you
You will have to be gentle with it
Because there are sore spots,
There are chords that can be struck
That may cause old wounds to open again
But it will serve you faithfully
Don't worry about it leaving you
Because it has no where to go
Don't worry about it betraying you
But it has no reason
Don't worry about it going to someone else
Because it wants so badly to be yours
Will you take it?
It will cost you nothing
All it needs is hope
Will you take it, my love?

Dedicated to Rickey

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