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Lonely souls sit and watch the days go by
They sit and laugh then frown and cry
To them, oh, how the world is so cruel
As they watch their great number dreams whittle down to few
Trying to hold their heads up in the spreading pain
Like having no shelter at all in a falling rain
Their eyes dropping with tears as they walk away
And pass other lonely souls with nothing to say
They simply bow their heads in a silence words can't describe
Their eyes meet with an understanding of the pain they fight
These souls huddle together and themselves against the cruelty
And help each other in their solemn duties
They hold one another up so they themselves won't fall
To keep from collapsing and having the brave walk become a crawl
Their emotions dulled but their hearts kept
They walk to the places where they all once met
From there they once again dawn their every day masks
And go along on their every day tasks 
But look into their eyes and you'll finds traces of tears
And see the eyes darken as they face again their fears
Watch them walk along their heads hung high
And hear the deep pain in their sighs
Through the pain, the tears, and the fight
Walk these who dread the approaching night.

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