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But In My Dreams

Every day we are apart 
Is like a knife into my heart 
The days lose their meaning 
As I go through them all unseeing 
All the colors fade away 
And my world turns to gray 
All our friends try to help me through 
But try as they might, they're just not you 
But at night, as I crawl into bed 
I kiss your picture and lay down my head 
I fall asleep and begin to dream 
And there you are, waiting for me 
In my dreams, I can be in your arms 
I can kiss your lips, and enjoy your charms 
In my dreams, our hearts can meet 
The miles are gone and we're complete 
And for the whole night through 
I am happy again, together with you 
And when the night turns to day 
And in my dreams, I can longer stay 
I return to my sad gray world 
Once again a sad and lonely girl 
Who aches for the presence of her man 
Who does the things only he can 
But even through all of the pain 
In my heart, the hope remains 
I know in my soul I will see you again 
And feel your touch that makes my head spin 
For a year isn't as long as it seems 
But for now, I'll see you in my dreams.

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