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The rain is falling
Tapping on the windows
And falling gently to the ground
Adding to the spring of life
While running old life down

The miracle of a raindrop
Both builder and destroyer of things
It gently strokes the growth of new
But turns a hard heart the old ones
For the old life clears way for the new

Just as a mother gives her life's milk
To feed her dearest possession
Her tiny baby child,
Rain gives its own life's spring
To the young saplings, just as mild

When the sun is too hot
And burns at these buds of spring
The rain comes to quench their thirsts
So the buds are protected
Even when the sun is at its worst

As a solider, who braves the dangers
And fights the powers of its enemies
Rain battles away the clutter of old
And clears the path for the newer life
There is no fighter more bold.

At the end of a storm
Where the rain takes its final bow
And the warm sun starts to glow
The buds look up with hopeful smiles
At the promise of a rainbow

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