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Twelve Laws of Magick

1. Law of Knowledge: to effect/affect a thing you must know the thing. The more you know about yourself the more you can know something else.

2. Law of Identification: with your will you can become anything- be one with anything. (Our only tool is the brain)

3. Law of Contagion: anything that has been in contact with something else maintains contact with that thing through the ether.

4. Law of Names knowing the True Name of something defines the action you take to focus a function on that thing.

5. Law of Cause and Effect: under exactly the same conditions using the same actions you will always obtain the same results.

6. Law of Infinite Data: there is more in the universe than we can sense or know. Learning never stops.

7. Law of Association: if a thing reminds you of something else it can be used as a simulacrum for that something else for magickal purposes.

8. Law of Infinite Universes: change your perspective in one area and you change your universe. There are always three choices available.

9. Law of Invocation and Evocation: there are forces outside and inside of you that you can tap and direct through your brain.

10. Law of Pragmatism: if it works, it is true.

11. Law of Predestination and Free Will: events are predestined, each person chooses whether and to what extent to participate in them.

12. Law of Polarity: everything contains and implies its opposite.

13 Principles of Magick

1. Magick is natural.

2. Harm None - not even yourself through the use of magick.

3. Magick requires effort, you receive what you put into it.

4. Magick spells need time to be effective.

5. Magick should not be performed for pay but with love.

6. Magick should never be used in jest or for your own ego.

7. Magick is a divine act.

8. Magick can be done for your own gain, but only if it harms none.

9. Magick can be used for defense but never attack.

10. Magick is knowledge - do not believe magic works - know it!

11. Magick is a love - it should be performed out of love. If used in anger or hate you'll cross the border into a dangerous world that will consume you.

12. Magick should be enjoyable.

13. Don't cast a spell for others unless asked.

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